Release date:2022-04-05 Page View:1413

Since April 6, 2022, all employees are requested to return to work, the following requirements must be complied with.

1.Employees should take the third nucleic acid test certificate of Dashiqiao city and may be requested to show the certificate at any time.

2.All units and departments should send special personnel to check the third nucleic acid certificate card, and those without the certificate card can't return to work.

3.Employees living in the control areas (Xinhe Jiayuan Community, Xishan District of Fenshui Community in Guantun Town) will not return to their posts for the time being, and will continue to stay at home according to the requirements of Dashiqiao city Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters.

4.When employees go to work, they should take their temperature, and those with abnormal temperature should be reported at the first time. The company will decide whether employees with abnormal temperature will continue to work at its discretion.

5.All units and departments continue to do carry out the disinfection to prevent the outbreak.

6.The delivery work of each factory continues to be carried out according to the control mode during the epidemic.

7.The dining room will continue to implement the take-out food system, eat-in is not allowed. 

April 5, 2022