Liaoning Xiuyan Qinghua Mining Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xiuyan Qinghua Mining Co., Ltd. is a holding company of Yingkou Qinghua Group, a leading refractory enterprise in Asia. With a land area of 1.5 million square meters, it mainly engages in the production and technology development of magnesia refractory materials, and the products are used in metallurgy, non-ferrous, building materials and other industries. There are 1100 employees and 135 engineering and technical personnel, 4 magnesite mines, 42 caustic calcined kilns, 3 electric melting furnaces, 4 high-purity heavy oil shaft kilns, and 4 internationally advanced ultra-high temperature tunnel kilns. A refractory enterprise integrating magnesia mining, raw material production, and deep processing of magnesia products.

We are driven by innovation, guided by market demand and supported by scientific and technological progress. Since 2005, we have gradually expanded from raw material processing to deep processing of magnesia products, and our production capacity and product technology content have been continuously improved. The annual production capacity of basic refractory materials is 550,000 tons. Strong technical force, professional production experience, to create high-quality products. The caustic calcined powder produced has good activity and easy secondary sintering, and is well-known at home and abroad; high-purity magnesia has high density and good refractory performance, and is favored by users; magnesia brick products have created the life records in domestic and foreign steel plants, cement plants, and glass plants. Excellent product quality has contributed to the implementation of my country's environmental protection goals of energy saving and low carbon.

The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Pioneering and Innovating, Pursuing Excellence", the business philosophy of "People-oriented, Integrity first", the quality policy of "excellence, customer satisfaction", and the responsibility of "caring for the environment, repaying the society, caring for employees", With the pursuit of "building a strong international refractory enterprise of Qinghua Group", we wholeheartedly provide high-quality products and first-class services to domestic and foreign users.