Shanghai Qinghua No.2 Refractories Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Qinghua No.2 Refractories Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned company acquired by Liaoning Yingkou Qinghua Group from former Shanghai No.2 Refractories Factory.
It inherited all the advantages of the original Shanghai No. 2 Refractories Factory in the same industry such as authoritative scientific and technological R&D talents, advanced technical process equipment, etc., and continues the historical extension of the refractory industry with the steel smelting industry for more than 80 years.
It is a backbone enterprise in China's refractory industry.
The company is a supplier of new high-grade steel-making refractory materials and a pioneer enterprise of functional refractory materials coexisting with China Baosteel. It drew high attention by former Premier Zhu Rongji