Liaoning Qinghua Refractories Research Institute

Qinghua Refractory Research Institute was rated as "Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" and "Liaoning Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center" by the Provincial Economic Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau. The Provincial Department of Personnel, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Provincial Department of Finance, and Provincial Department of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises awarded the "Postdoctoral Research Base for Private Enterprises".

Surrounded by greenery, there sits the beautiful Liaoning Qinghua Refractories Research Institute, which was awarded "Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Technology Center" by Liaoning Provincial Economic Commission and other units. The research institute is fully equipped with advanced experimental research instruments and testing equipment, which can timely and accurately test and analyze the incoming raw materials and fuel, production process parameters, and product performance to ensure the controllability of the process and the stability of product quality. Well-trained professional and technical personnel are responsible for the research, design and development of new products, and provide the best furnace lining proposals, furnace design and on-site service upon customer’s requests. Through various mutually beneficial ways to carry out technical cooperation with domestic universities, research institutes and foreign counterparts, new products are launched every year and awarded accordingly. It is the technical commitment and research direction of Qinghua Research Institute to allow customers to obtain the best cost-effective refractory materials.

The institute is a large-scale research and development center established by Yingkou Qinghua Refractories Co., Ltd. in 2001 with an investment of tens of millions of yuan. It is one of the famous domestic refractory research institutions. Since its establishment, it has successively launched a large number of domestic leading new products, among which high-quality magnesia-chrome bricks, fired and impregnated magnesia-dolomite bricks and high-grade magnesia-carbon bricks have been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as national torch plan projects and have been awarded scientific and technological progress and Outstanding New Product for many times. The awards have effectively promoted the transformation of Qinghua from a production-oriented enterprise to a technology-oriented enterprise, and made outstanding contributions to Qinghua's maintaining its status as a leader in China's refractory industry.

The development work of the research institute consists of three levels, and a complete R&D system integrating basic research, application development and production testing has been initially formed. Utilize the company's advanced production facilities to provide strong support for R&D work. The cooperation layer is a number of internationally renowned refractory enterprises and domestic first-class refractory research institutions and universities. It cooperates with Qinghua Research Institute through technology transfer and joint development to assist Qinghua in the development of a new generation of multi-functional and high-performance refractories.

The Research Institute has advanced and complete research experimental instruments and inspection equipment, equipped with the most advanced Pioneer AXS X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and Zeiss Axioplan 2 optical microscope analyzer, which can conduct comprehensive physical and chemical analysis and testing of refractory materials. Including slag resistance, oxidation resistance, hydration resistance, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, high temperature strength and high temperature volume change, etc.