Magnesia Dolomite Series

Magnesia-dolomite brick:

Magnesia-dolomite brick is made from magnesia-dolomite clinker or dolomite clinker and dense high purity magnesia as per the CaO/MgO ratios designed for different applications. With water-free binder, the brick is dried under proper temperature and finally fired at high temperature to give very good resistance to the erosion of slag in the secondary refining process. Magnesia-dolomite brick is also good for desulfurizing, dephosphorizating and removing the non-metallic impurities from steel. It is widely used in the stainless steel making furnaces such as AOD, VOD, GOR, CLU, etc.

Magnesia-dolomite clinker:

This series of products includes magnesia dolomite clinker and dolomite clinker, which is made from dolomite and magnesite with extremely low impurities. The direct bonds are formed between the evenly-distributed main crystal phases periclase and lime. In the micro-structure of magnesia dolomite clinker periclase embraces the lime and in dolomite clinker the lime embraces the periclase. With very dense structure and very small and few pores, it gives excellent resistance to the slag in the secondary refining process. Characterized with good performance under high temperature and resistance to hydration, magnesia dolomite clinker is mainly used to produce magnesia-dolomite bricks and unshaped materials.

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