Sliding Gates And Nozzles

Alumina-carbon-zirconi sliding gate QНLTG is made from high purity sintered alumina, fused zirconia corundum, zirconia mulite, carbon and additives through special processing. The product has good resistance against erosion and thermal shock. It can be used in the production of various types of steel, mainly in large ladle and tundish. In one domestic steel plant, the service life of'a 30 ton ladle reached 3-4 heats; the best performance reached 7 hats, and 12 heats in a 60 ton tundish.

Alumina-carbon nozzle QSLT is made from high purity alumina and carbon with resin as binder through tempered processing. It has god resistance t erosion and thermal shock. On a 300 ton ladle of one domestic steel plant, the service lie of upper nozzles reached more than 20 heats and lower nozzles 3-4 heats.

*Datasheet could be provided by request.