Magnesia Chrome Series

Ceramic bonded magnesia-chrome brick is made from sintered magnesia and chromite through accurate proportioning. With very good high temperature performance and excellent thermal shock resistance, the product is widely used in furnaces of steel and non-ferrous industries.

Direct-bonded magnesia-chrome brick, using high purity magnesia and top grade chromite as raw materials, are shaped under high pressure ad fired at high temperature. With very good performance under high temperature and strong resistance to the erosion of metallurgical slag, the product is widely used in the main areas of the furnaces of steel and non-ferrous industries.

Semi-rebonded magnesia-chrome brick and fused rebonded magnesia-chrome brick, partially or totally using fused magnesia and fused magnesia-chrome clinker as raw materials is produced through the processes of accurate proportioning, pressing, and firing under ultra-high temperature. Characterized with high ratio of direct bonding, good grain bonding, volume stability and excellent strength and under high temperature, the products are widely used in secondary refining equipments such as RH, AOD, VOD and non-ferrous smelters, blowing furnaces, refining furnaces.

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