Upshaped Refractories

Magnesia gunning mixes

Magnesia gunning mixes QB series are made from magnesia or magnesia together with magnesia-dolomite clinker. With the addition of compound binder, they are produced as per the optimized grain sizing. The products have the properties of high adhesive strength and good resistance to erosion and abrasion. QB-1 is mainly used for the maintenance of converter trunnion areas, QB-3 mainly for slag line and hot spots of UHP EAF and QB-5/QB-6 mainly for the snorkels of RH degasser. In order to supply a full set of refractory materials, our company has developed a series of monolithics for magnesia-dolomite and magnesia-dolomite-carbon lining, Such as QSY-1, QTC-1-and QDY-1, etc. They are used respectively as plastic mix, backfiling mix and ramming mix. This series of products are ceramic bonded under high temperature featured with high sintered strength and good integrity.


Magnesia ramming mix

QD-1 and Q-2 are made from magnesia and synthetic magnesia-dolomite clinker to give good resistance to erosion and abrasion. They are mainly used for EAF bottom by dry installation.


QD-3 is made from magnesia with chemical binder, the ceramic bonding is formed during the hardening process. It has good resistance to erosion and abrasion and mainly used in the bottom of metallurgical furnace and as filing materials for lining. 5-7% water is to be added during the installation.


QD-6 is made from sintered magnesia and fused magnesia featured with high temperature performance and god resistance to corrosion and abrasion. It is mainly used for the metallurgical furnace in the bottom, lip ring and tap hole.


QDK-18 is made from magnesia, chromite and synthetic magnesia-chrome clinker featured with good resistance to corrosion from low-alkalinity slag. It has excellent resistance to low basicity slag due to the compound spinels in it. It s mainly used in the bottom of RH degasser as ramming mix and filing materials.


Magnesia mortar

In order to satisfy the installation requirements, a series of mortars is made from raw materials of different qualities with the addition of proper binder. These mortars include magnesia based QN-1, QN-2, magnesia-carbon based QN-3, alumina-magnesia-carbon based QN-4, magnesia-chrome based QN-5 and magnesia-alumina based QN-6. This series of mortars, suitable for the installation of all kinds of basic bricks, has good adhesive and sintering strength with a setting time about 120 seconds.

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